Attract followers

5 things to do to use Pinterest for your business


1) Registration

Pinterest makes it easy to get started, all you need is an email, though you can sign in via Facebook or Twitter. Once you have created your account, you will be asked to select 3 things you like. Make sure these are relevant to your business and customers, then Pinterest will provide you with basic pins to set up your homepage and get started.

2) Understand the language

Go to the Pinterest setup guide (you’ll see it when you sign up) and learn about being a Pinner, pinning things, and boards and pins.

1) Pin – Images that you post or pin on the board

2) Board – Holds a group of images on a single floor (look at it as a wooden board)

3) Pinning – When you put something on the board or pin

4) Pinner – the person who pins something to the board (this is you)

Attract followers


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3) Create great content for Pinterest marketing

This is the fun part. There is no limit to what you can pin. Be creative. The only rule is that your photos must have a high resolution. People like to share photos that look good. Consider the following to get started:

People use your products in their daily lives. The shoes they wear to cross the street are a table in the kitchen of a country house, or someone getting off the bus with your yoga mat, or even a smile on their face after you have done their taxes.

Cool images from your blog
Photos of customers and events you have attended
Everything related to your industry
Pictures from your Facebook page

4) Be sure to link your images when marketing with Pinterest

Whenever you pin something to the board, you can add a link and you can choose where they go. Make sure your pins are linked to the related page. Well, if you have a picture of someone using your product, a link to the login page for that product might be a good idea.


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To manage and schedule posting on Pinterest, Instagram,… Go to the first page right now and register. Upon registration for 7 days, the management tools will be activated for you for free.

5) Attract followers

It may seem repetitive, but that’s the idea behind social media. The best way to attract people is to create great content. The more attractive and intuitive the pins are, the more people will re-pin them and click on them to learn more. In addition to creating great content, there are several other ways to increase your followers:

Creating a video board: Pinterest also lets you pin video. So why not turn your Pinterest page into a resource center for the best videos on main topics or interesting stories related to what you do!


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Make it shareable: If your blog post has a great photo, add a Pin-It social media button so people can pin it too.

Use hashtags: True, this works for Pinterest as well as Twitter. Use social media campaigns at the same time to send your message out. Remember, hashtags are used to help people find and follow a conversation.


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