30 Affiliate Marketing Tools Every Marketer Should Know

30 Affiliate Marketing Tools Every Marketer Should Know

30 Affiliate Marketing Tools Every Marketer Should Know

One of the reasons marketers love sales collaboration is that it is easy to analyze different information and data with affiliate marketing tools. Maybe that’s why a lot of money is invested and spent on it. Did you know that forecasts suggest that these costs will reach $ 6.8 billion by 2020?

More investment in affiliate marketing means more workload and more need for different tools and software in this field.

The best sales collaboration tools (affiliate marketing)

In this article, we will introduce 31 famous and widely used tools in the world of sales cooperation. These tools will make life easier for marketers. Then use these tools.

1- indoleads



Official affiliate program Melbet Affiliates is one of the most profitable in the world in terms of earnings on attracting players.  Register Melbet Affiliates 

Is a premium affiliate marketing network that makes it easier for marketers to connect with key companies in different industries.

They have a very large and quality sales cooperation network around the world that can help you find new customers.

This tool helps you to accurately track, prevent fraud, provide transparent billing, income reporting and more. The interesting thing is that payment is made only for a specific task.


Join Melbet Partners and receive up to 40% of the company's profit. This is a great offer.  Register Now 

Brands such as eBay, Americanas, Malaysia Airlines, Lazada, Agoda, AliExpress use this tool to strengthen their sales collaboration system.

People can also use this tool to connect with major advertisers and earn a lot of money from links, banners as well as discount coupons.

Advertisers working with affiliate marketing can create a better, simpler, and more successful affiliate marketing experience in using their networks.


Earnings of Melbet Affiliate is determined by the actions of players registered on the Melbet Affiliate link or using the Affiliate promo code.

  • Invite players to join using your special link
  • Usepromo codes to give bonuses to your users and attract them easily.
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2- linktrust


The company’s affiliate marketing platform is highly customizable. The company is best known for its outstanding customer support.

This platform gives you access to payments, content, ad analysis, devices, products and even offers.


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The company’s system personalization capability can track all types of ads through various channels.

The platform starts at $ 299 per month and costs up to $ 799. Of course, you can also request a free demo.

3- affTrack



Partners melbet rewards all of its partners by a profit sharing model (revshare). cpa and hybrid offers are also available.
We offer a variety of collaboration andmarketing methods.
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The company receives only $ 1 for its new customers for 3 months and gives them full access.

The best part about the price of this software is that even small businesses can use this software.

Want to know the best part of this platform? Unlimited offers!


In ordinary words, you can obtain a percentage (to 50%) of Melbet’s profit!
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4- HitPath


HitPath is a multi-channel tracking platform. The appearance of this software is very user-friendly and simple.

This platform also has the ability to customize. The company is known for its flexibility in various customer requests.

Introducing Malbet Affiliate Program

Melbet affiliate Program is one of the well-known and well-established systems in the field of affiliate marketing; That's our advice to you. The main focus of the Melbet affiliates is to attract users from all countries.
Affiliate by providing services such as:

  • Daily Bonus, weekly and ...
  • Providing services in all languages
  • Regular commission payments

Melbet Affiliates Has always tried to keep its users satisfied. The better and more flawless the customer service, the more customers will be attracted and the more revenue you will earn.

Features Melbet Affiliatesa such as:

  • Weekly payment of commissions
  • There are different methods for marketing
  • Very high commission (up to 50%)
  • Provided specific training for each advertiser
  • Provided advertising images, banners and videos to advertisers
  • Intelligent and error-free processing
  • Melbat has made Affiliate a viable candidate for starting an online business.

Raise your income now and become a member of Melbet Affiliate.

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You can also request a free demo through their site.

5- Everflow


It can probably be said that it is one of the best affiliate marketing tools. This tool has the ability to analyze instantly. This will make it much easier for you to track and manage your affiliate marketing campaigns.

With this tool, you can protect click fraud, display, conversion rate, as well as post-conversion customer activity.

Want to try it? You can get and use a free 30-day trial. After that, the price of this platform will be $ 200 per month.

6- Clickink

clickinc tool

The best feature of this advanced affiliate tracking software is the tool for communicating with the internal affiliate marketer colleague, warning when colleagues fall, and so on. This tool also helps you to get rankings by your colleagues.

This tool checks everything from the time of registering the address of colleagues in it. You can request a free demo from this site. They also offer a 30-day trial for you. But after that the price will be $ 20 per month.


affiliate tool

This tool can develop an unlimited number of partners for you. This tool is also very powerful in terms of traceability. This platform offers purchase process suggestions as well as detailed insights.

This platform is offered at a price of $ 279 / month. Of course, by registering on this site, you can also get a trial version.

8- Volume


This platform has a very beautiful and advanced reporting capability. It also has the ability to provide accurate and personalized reports.

This tool has direct pixel tracking capability as well as CPC, CPM, CPA cost models. The best part of this platform is that it starts at $ 69 / month.

9- Journey by Cake

getcake affiliate marketing tool

This platform optimizes your payment according to the location and key data obtained from the customer’s journey (purchase process). It also integrates with other marketing platforms. You can also request a trial version of this platform from its site.

10- Post Affiliate Pro


According to customers, starting with this tool is very simple. It also has very good support.

One of the superior features of this platform is the prevention of fraud and accurate tracking. You will first receive a free copy for 14 days. Then the most reasonable price starts from $ 97 / month.

11- Adellxity


It is one of the best tools for smartening. Through this program, you can check the profitable advertisements of the competitors. You also get desktop, mobile and native options for all your traffic needs.

You can also track and review competitors’ products and stores. The price of this software is $ 199 / month.

12- WhatRunsWhere

whatrunswhere tool

This platform assures you that any amount of money you spend on advertising will be wise and correct. This tool gives a practical insight into your digital marketing strategy.

With What Runs Where you have access to 60 million ads from 7 countries. With up-to-date data, you can have a regular plan for your digital marketing strategy.

The pricing of this affiliate marketing platform is different from other tools. The base price of this software is $ 299 / month and the full package price is $ 399 / month.

13- CJ Affiliate

CJ Affiliate

CJ Affiliate is one of the largest affiliate networks in the world designed to achieve better results.

You can use this platform to influence and influence your customer in his purchase path.

14- Awin

awin affiliate tool

Awin is an affiliate marketing platform with more than 13,000 advertisers and 100,000 publishers.

HP, Emirates, AliExpress, Forbes are the biggest customers of this collection. By joining this platform you can access a large list of brands and publishers to grow your business.

15- ShareASale

shareasale tool

This platform is a platform for businessmen to get acquainted with affiliate companies so that they can work together. Their advanced technology integrates usage for customers. With this tool, you can use your resources endlessly and be superior in marketing companies.

16- Thirsty Affiliates


At Thirsty Affiliates, bloggers not only list themselves but also make money from it. So it is much easier for marketers to actively participate there.

The interesting thing about this platform is its compatibility with WordPress. This makes it one of the best systems for marketers working with WordPress.

17- AffJet

awin affiliate tool

At Thirsty Affiliates, bloggers not only list themselves but also make money from it. So it is much easier for marketers to actively participate there.

The interesting thing about this platform is its compatibility with WordPress. This makes it one of the best systems for marketers working with WordPress.

17- AffJet


This advanced platform gives you fully effective capabilities in tracking, managing and growing your network. You can integrate your e-commerce platform to track any sales in your affiliates.

This tool helps you to monitor conversion rates instantly.

This platform allows you to use unlimited commission structures as well as automated commissions. You will also have full access to various performance reports and analysis. You can try this software for 14 days for free.

19- LeadDyno


It is a very simple tool that can be used to launch affiliate campaigns. You can be in front of the best sales associates and influencers who are looking for products like yours.

Each of your new affiliates will have access to a custom collaboration dashboard. Provide them with all the information they need to promote your brand and product. You can also use this product for free for 30 days.

20- MaxBounty


Is a leading and trusted company that allows you to work with the best companies that work on a pay-per-click (CPA) basis.

The best part about this platform is that it pays to get a new customer. That’s why MaxBounty has become one of the most lucrative and effective ad networks.

You will have access to more than 20,000 affiliates that will help you increase access and sales.

21- Ambassador


Ambassador is one of the best comprehensive Referral software platforms in the world. You can identify influencers, affiliates, employees as well as sponsors you want to partner with.

Easily sign them up to launch your targeted and personalized Referral campaigns. Monitor your colleagues and check their performance at a glance.

You can also download a free version of them and easily optimize your system according to different information.

22- Affiliate Royale


If you want to launch an affiliate program for your services and products, you can use Affiliate Royale.

With the WordPress plugin, you can launch and manage your affiliate marketing program in minutes. You can control the sales, clicks and also the amount of payment of all your affiliated companies so that you are always at the top of everything.

23- Omnistar


Omnistar is an easy-to-use affiliate marketing software that helps you optimize your referral campaigns for faster growth.

You can integrate an affiliate program with your site. Affiliates and even your customers can advertise your products and services. By doing this, you will not only find new customers, but also increase your sales.

You can also test this software for 15 days for free.

24- AvantLink

avantlink tool

This platform helps you access a network of qualified affiliates that are really serious about Referral Marketing. The platform also has very powerful instant reporting tools.

25- Pretty Links


Pretty Links is one of the best affiliate marketing tools for WordPress users. This tool easily makes long links shorter and more beautiful. You can also review and analyze your links and see how effective they are. Another point is to use this tool in email marketing campaigns.

26- Bitly


This tool is also a link shortener. The best part about this tool is that it’s free.

27- Linktrack

linktrack marketing tool

With this tool, you can easily and accurately track and check your affiliate links. You can even have live analysis of your links.

You can have unlimited number of link analysis and clicks in the premium and paid section of this platform. You can also track your display.

28- ClickMeter



You can check and compare your links so you can increase your conversion rate. Easily create your own link with this platform, put that link in your ads and then you will have the analysis of those links even live.

29- Affiliate Future

affiliatefuture tool

Having a network with more than 300,000 publishers and affiliates (sales cooperation), you can review different brands and choose the best partners.

You can use affiliate networks to grow your brand and make the most of your resources. You can easily evaluate the performance of your sales associates and optimize your program according to the results.

You can also set a commission and pay based on their performance.

30- Clickbooth


Enables you to connect with reputable colleagues. You can work with different work models. CPA / CPL / CPE / CPI / CPS / CPC are the different models available on this platform.

Are you ready to make a decision?
Given the tools mentioned, using them will definitely be useful in the growth and development of your business. I recommend that you bookmark or print this post and always have it with you.

What tools do you use for your affiliate marketing system?


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