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Sports betting, especially football, has countless fans all over the world. Users who predict matches are not football experts. So how do you think they can correctly predict the outcome of football competitions and use the best strategy ?! In order to obtain the necessary information and get acquainted with the appropriate strategies, there are several Iranian and foreign betting sites whose subject matter is to analyze football matches.

But the selection of Iranian and foreign football analysis sites requires some research. The important thing is to what extent the analysis on these sites can be trusted and validated. To succeed in the predictions you make, you must refer to one of the most famous Iranian and domestic football analysis sites, and after carefully studying the contents of the site in the most reputable and best football betting site, you can predict the outcome of the matches. In this article, we will talk about the important points that football prediction users should do. Then we will introduce Iranian and foreign football analysis sites. These sites include Nood TV football analysis site, Greg Bet football analysis site, Bat J football analysis site, Soccer Statis football analysis site, Ho Sackard football analysis site, Transfer Market football analysis site.

Important things that football prediction users should do

football prediction

The first thing that users participating in predicting football matches should consider is choosing a reputable betting site. Playing on unreliable sites causes fraud and loss of user capital. This site does not have an international license. It is a reputable site that, firstly, has an international license and, secondly, has a reliable and fast payment system so that payment and withdrawal of money can be done easily. Having a strong 24-hour support team, giving special bonuses, beautiful site design, easy access to all parts of the site, variety in the number of sports offered and casino games and fast deposit of prizes are other features of reputable betting sites.


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Choosing the right strategy is the next important point that plays a key role in winning football betting. In fact, not having a strategy in the long run will cause users to fail. Pay football, be sure to get acquainted with the most profitable football betting strategies through Iranian and foreign football analysis sites and read about these methods. It is necessary to use a different strategy in each game, and a specific strategy may not be used positively to predict the outcome of all football matches.

The next step to succeed in football betting is to read about football teams and tournaments and stay up to date. If you are always aware of the latest information about players and team changes and statistically review recent team competitions, your chances of winning football betting will increase greatly. Necessary information and analysis of football teams and players are available on Iranian and foreign football analysis sites, and by referring to these sites, you can read the latest news and analysis of football matches.

Paying attention to match predictions by football analysts is the last point that is effective in winning football betting. Football experts, due to their complete familiarity with football rules and strategies, can better analyze matches and players and predict the outcome of the game. In Iranian and foreign football analysis sites, the opinion of these experts is asked and placed on the site for users to read. It goes without saying that the prediction of matches by experts may not be 100% accurate, but in most cases it helps the user to make decisions. In the continuation of this article, we will introduce a number of Iranian and foreign football analysis sites.


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Introducing foreign football analysis sites

Betgy Football Analysis Site


BetG helps users accurately predict football matches in the English Premier League, Italian Serie A, Spanish La Liga, German Bundesliga and French League. This site has professional experts who predict the outcome of a football match based on the results and previous statistics of two rival teams. There is software on the BatJ site that introduces the best condition to the user according to the variables defined in it. This site is managed by a person named Alex Kornilov. The success rate and accuracy of the predictions made by this site is 76%. This statistic seems to be an acceptable result and shows that the analyzes and analyzes provided by the site experts have been successful. Convenient and easy use of different parts of the BetG site Another positive feature of this site is football analysis. According to Alex Kornilov, administrator of the BatGy site, the services offered on this site consist of two layers. The first layer shows the statistics of the results of previous games and the average of all goals scored, and the second layer provides important information such as forecasting the weather conditions during the match, and this information affects the performance of the coach and the players.

Soccerstats football analysis site

One of the most popular foreign football analysis sites among football betting enthusiasts is Soccer Stats. In this site, the opinions and analyzes of foreign football experts are provided to users. In addition, statistical information such as the number of away or home games, the introduction of the most popular team, the introduction of the oldest and youngest players, the presentation of the statistics of the spectators of popular teams, etc. are also available on this site. Another feature of this site is dealing with prestigious leagues around the world. The number of goals scored in each game and the average of goals scored are also recorded on this site. Users can choose the best football betting strategy by studying the analysis and viewing the statistics. In this site, the minute when the first goal of the game is scored is also predicted, and this option is very exciting and attractive for users. All betting users around the world benefit from the analysis of Soccer States.


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WhoScored football analysis site

HoScord is one of the leading sites in the analysis of football matches around the world. In this site, in addition to studying experts’ analysis, you can also find information such as the game schedule of different leagues of countries, the day and time of the tournament, news and the margins of the games and players. On the main page of Hoscord Football Analysis site, you will see important details of important statistics, and you do not need to search in other parts of the site to view other statistics. High-speed search showing the statistics of the games of world famous leagues such as Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A, German Bundesliga and… on the site of Hoscord. Sometimes a bet is placed on a team’s goal scorer, and unfortunately the same player who bet on the goal is injured just before the start of the match. Hoscord solves this problem and updates the information about the injuries of the players of both teams instantly.


Transfermarkt football analysis site

Transfer Market Analysis site is one of the most popular foreign sites among football betting enthusiasts. این This site has detailed reports on the transfers of club players. It does not matter if the transfer takes place in the Spanish La Liga or if a team in South America borrows a player. It is impossible to make a transfer anywhere in the world and the exact information and contract amount will not be available on the Transfer Market website. The Transfer Market site presents the performance of each player in each season. By studying the players’ records, users will find out how they play, the number of goals, the number of assists, the time spent in the match, and so on. Another feature of the transfer market analysis site is the theories and analyzes of experts about the tactics used by football teams during the game and before the match, which are placed in the form of articles on the site to be available to users. By studying these analyzes, users can choose the right type of betting and strategy.


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In this article, we introduced you, dear readers, to Iranian and foreign football analysis sites. At the beginning of the article, we mentioned the important points that football prediction users should do. And from the external analysis sites, we explained the features and facilities available on the sites of BetGy, Soccer Statis, Ho Sackard and Transfer Market.


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