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football betting

betting terms, most complete betting terms

The most complete betting terms and types of predictions

After familiarizing the words and general terms of betting in this section, we will explain the terms of football betting.

The result of the match:

1: The host team board
X: equal
2: on the guest team


1x: the host team board or equal to 90 minutes
2X: A guest team board or equal to 90 minutes
12: A guest team board or host in 90 ninety minutes
* All bets in the football match only include 90 minutes of two halves and added. Added halfs and penalties have separate bets that usually have to live alive.

Both Teams to Score:

GG / BTTS YES: Both teams take at least one goal.
NG / BTTS No: None of the two teams even get a flower.


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Total Over / Under:

Over 0.5: Total flowers more than 0. 5 means at least 1 goal to win.
Over 1.5: Total flowers are more than 1.5, which means at least 2 goals to win.
Over 2.5: Total flowers more than 2.5 ie at least 3 goals should be struck to win.
Over 3.5: The total flow of flowers more than 3. 5 means at least 4 goals to win.
Over 4.5: Total flowers more than 4.5, at least 5 goals to win.
Over 5.5: The total flow of flowers more than 5.5, at least 6 goals to win.
Under 0.5: Total less than 0. 5 means no goals to win.
Under 1.5: Total less than 1.5 ie a maximum of 1 goals or less to win.
Under 2.5: Total less than 2. 5 means up to 2 goals or less to win.
Under 3.5: Total less than 3. 5 means up to 3 goals or less to win.
Under 4.5: Total less than 4. 5 means up to 4 goals or less to win.
Under 5.5: Total less than 5. 5 means up to 5 goals or less to win.

* There are also a total flow of flowers for a half-way.


In this type of prediction, the total score of three modes may happen to you: the win, the back of the bet, lost.
In the game A and B, you predict the total flower racing is more than 2 goals.
If the total flowers are +3, your bet will win.
If the total flowers are 2, the condition is back.
If the sum of flowers 1 or 0, you lost the bet.
In the game A and B, you predict that the total flowers race is less than 3 goals.
If the total flowers are 2 or less, your bet will win.
If the total flow is 3, the condition is back.
If the total flower is 4 or more, you lost the bet.


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Asian Total:

In this type of condition, you have less risk because you may take half the bets and may take half the bets. In the table below, we will train you to train as much as you can.

0 Under 0.5 win losing 0 Over 0.5
1 Under 0.5 win lose 1 Over 0.5
0 Under 0.75 loss range 0 Over 0.75
1 Under 0.75 was half lost half of 1 Over 0.75
Winning, losing 2+ Under 0.75 2+ Over 0.75
Range 0 Under 1 Lost 0 Over 1
Back clause 1 Under 1 clause 1 Over 1 Back
2+ Under 1 win loss 2+ Over 1
0 Under 1.25 loss range 0 Over 1.25
Half board Half lost 1 Under 1.25 1 Over 1.25
Winning, losing 2+ Under 1.25 2+ Over 1.25
A range of 0 & 1 Under 1.5 lost 0 & 1 Over 1.5
Lost 2+ Under 1.5 wins 2+ Over 1.5
A range of 0 & 1 Under 1.75 Lost 0 & 1 Over 1.75
2 Under 1.75 was half lost half 2 Over 1.75
Winning, losing 3+ Under 1.75 3+ Over 1.75
A range of 0 & 1 Under 2 Lost 0 & 1 Over 2
Back clause 2 Under 2 Back Condition 2 Over 2
3+ Under 2 win lost 3+ Over 2
A range of 0 & 1 Under 2.25 Lost 0 & 1 Over 2.25
Half board half lost 2 Under 2.25 2 Over 2.25
Winning, losing 3+ Under 2.25 3+ Over 2.25
Winning 0,1 & 2 Under 2.5 lost 0,1 & 2 Over 2.5
Lost 3+ Under 2.5 wins 3+ Over 2.5
0,1 & 2 Under 2.75 loss was 0,1 & 2 Over 2.75
Half board lost half 3 Under 2.75 3 Over 2.75
Lost 4+ Under 2.75 range 4+ Over 2.75
Winning 0,1 & 2 Under 3 lost 0,1 & 2 Over 3
Back bet 3 Under 3 Back Condition 3 Over 3
Lost 4+ Under 3 win 4+ Over 3
0,1 & 2 Under 3.25 loss was 0,1 & 2 Over 3.25
Half board half lost 3 Under 3.25 3 Over 3.25
Lost 4+ Under 3.25 range 4+ Over 3.25
0,1,2 & 3 Under 3.5 win lose 0,1,2 & 3 Over 3.5
Lost 4+ Under 3.5 wins 4+ Over 3.5

The + sign means the same number or more flowers.
As you notice this type of condition is quite similar to the usual sum, with the difference that in bets that 0.25 add a bet in half of the loss or win.


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In this type of bet you do not need to predict the exact result, but only on the result of half one and the overall result in 90 minutes.
In the table below the first half we left and the second half is right.

The host team will win the first half of the winner and the overall result 1-X.

The first half of the wins the winner and win the guest. 1-2


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Win on both half of the guest team. 2-2.

The first half of the guest team wins and wins at the full time of the host team 2-1

In both the team’s half-team wins 1-1.


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Be winning in the first half of the guest and get equal in full time 2-X.

In the first half equal and win the guest X-2.

Be winning in the first half and in full time host X-1.


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In both half of both teams, the result is equal to X-X


* Subject to HF is also said.

In most sites betting there is the possibility of putting bets in the first half of the game and there is no big difference with the perfect time.

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Over 0.5 hf total flowers more than 0. 5 in the first half
1 HF Host Team wins the first half
Btts HF both teams in the first half.


* Subject to 2HF

Conditions that special to the second half are completely distinct from the first half and full time – Full Time.
Suppose we bet on X 2HF, and in the first half of the host team, and we go to the halfway in the second half of the host team, and the guest team also doubles the game is equal to 2-3 in favor of the game. The team of host, but our condition for the teams in the second half, and both teams scored two goals in the second half of the two goals, as a result of our condition.

Most of the ponds that exist in the first half can also be done in the second half, and you can find the 2HF and Second Half abbreviation.


This combination, like the same 1 and 2, used before, is used on some sites, as the home team and Away Guest.


The host team will take a half? Yes


The host team will take a half? No

In this condition, the outcome of the match is not raised, but to win or not one of the two halves. If you close the upper condition and end up in one of the two halves in favor of the host team, your bet is won and if you win the bottom condition and wins in one of the two halves of the host team. Suppose that the team A, B came to an equal result in the first half of the game, and in the second half of the team, which is hosted, a more scoring flower as a result, if you are closed, you are winning because one of the two halves hosted.

Football Betting Tips
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Correct Score:

This type of prediction has the highest risk because you must guess the exact result of the match between the two teams. Regarding the high risk of risk, this condition has a higher coefficients.

Example: Game between team A, B

Correct Score 1 – 0: The host team with a result of a one over zero victorious

Correct Score 2 – 1: The host team with two results on a victor

Correct Score 0 – 3: Guest team with a result of 3 over zero victories


This kind of condition of the two-new combinations is probable, but the condition of the mix is not considered. But we have to win both your compositions right.

1 & Over 1.5: The host team wins and the total flow of flowers more than one and a half

X & Over 2.5: An equal result and total flowers more than two and a half

2 & Under 3.5: wins guest team and total flowers more than three and a half

Total 1 – Total Team Host:

* Home.
Forecast Total Team Flowers

Total 2 – Total Guest Team:

* Away.
Forecast Total Guest Team Goals

Next Goal – Next Flowers:

Team prediction that scored the next goal


Team A to Score Next Goal 1

A team scores the next goal of 1


Team b. The next flower means 1


None of the next two teams, ie 2

Some friends sometimes make this mistake that this condition means that the flower after one or after two. Be carefully
There is no condition in Next Goal to predict two goals next.

betting site
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Forecast the first flower time:

In this type of prediction, you must predict the first flower time period to a certain minute that scored or not

Goal 1 Will Be Scored Up To 36 Minute – Yes

The first flower of the game scored up to 36 minutes? Yes

Goal 1 Will Be Scored Up To 36 Minute – NO

The first flower of the game scored up to 36 minutes? No.

A winning prediction in a time interval:

Filled content: Basketball prediction and types of bets

First 10 minutes w iran

The Iranian team will win the first ten minutes.

First 10 minutes x

The game is equal in the first ten minutes.

First 10 Minutes W Morocco

Moroccan team wins in the first ten minutes.

Score Draw:

This condition is almost the same as X in the first part we explained, but with the difference that you bet on equal flowers, not the overall result, depending on the first half or the second, your bet will win or losers.

Result + Total:

In this condition, you must predict the winner of the match and the total flowers.

W Morocco and Total> 1.5

Morocco win and more than one and a half flowers

W Morocco and Total <1.5

Morocco win and result less than one and a half flowers


Iran’s win and the result of less than one and a half flowers

Draw and Total> 2.5

Equal and total flowers more than two halves

HT / FT:

In this condition, you will predict the winner of the two halves.



Win the first half of Morocco and in full time of Iran


First half equal and in full time in Iran


First half and full time equal
* Be careful that this condition is not two-half distinct but the first half and the full time. Don’t be wrong with 2hf.


In this type of prediction, you have a given time interval that you need to determine is scored by your selection team.

Team iran to score from 16 to 30 minutes – yes

The Iranian team ranges from 16 to 30 minutes? Yes

Team iran to score from 1 to 15 minute – no

The Iranian team rides from 1 to 15 minutes? No.

Forecast less or high flower per half:


In this condition, you will only predict a lot of and equal the flow of flowers, and which team does not matter.

1st Half> 2nd Half

First half goals than the second half

1st half = 2nd half

Equal flowers in both halves

1st Half <2nd Half

First half goals than the second half

The prediction of flowers in both halves:

Goals Scored in Both Halves – Yes

Scored in both halves? Yes

Goals Scored In Both Halves – NO

Scored in both halves? No.CleanSheet – Package gate:

In your clinic, you will bet on this condition that your popular or your favorite team does not go through the Hesshah game or closed to his gate.

Own Goal – Flower by Insider

3way – bets with 3 results:

All bets that have three final results are called 3way.

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