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Poker Terms For Beginners And Professionals Who Bet

In this post we will explain about poker terms. Of course, in order to become a professional open poker player, you must first know the terms of poker so that you can make guaranteed profits for yourself in a poker tournament or also a poker betting site.

Poker melbet

The most important poker betting terms

Let’s start with some words that you have to learn, but note that some of them do not have Persian equivalents and we will explain the English word to you.

All-In is one of the terms of poker

When a player puts his whole chip in the pot and says all-in, in this case he can not make another bet because all his money is in the pot. The player who made all-in can only win the main pot. .


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A small amount of money is received from all players before the cards are dealt. You can see the end in tournaments and some poker tables. In the final stages of the tournament, this money is taken to make the pot heavier and speed up the game.

Back Door

A hand that needs two cards of train and river to complete it (backdoor flash, backdoor street, etc.) For example, you have three flash cards on the flop and it eats two more dots on the train and river, here you are so-called. It is also called Beckdor two train and river cards. It is also called runner / runner.

Bad Beat

It is said that you have a very strong card and the opposing player may want to win a small number of cards or two cards together and defeat your hand. There are many bad beats for each poker player that he can define for others.


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Big Slick

It is a term for AK in poker, when you have an ace and a king in your hand.


Mandatory bets are taken from two players after the dealer. (Smallblind, Bigblind)

Bluff is the most important poker betting term

Betting without having a strong hand just in the hope that the opponent will drop his hand and you will collect the pot.


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Calling Station

The player who calls most of his hands is called a call station. These players often call with the possibility of lowering and are losers in the long run, and the hands they cut make other players angry because they need a small number of cards to win.

Cards Speak

It is used for the purpose that the cards determine the winner of the game and not the player’s words. For example, a player might say that I was flashed, but the other side tells him to speak cards, that is, when it turns out that your card is visible.

What is Rast in Poker?

Poker idiom is one of the most important things that users encounter. In this section we want to explain the term rast in poker. In fact, the word rest means the same English word that means rest. When the term rest is used in poker, it means that the player tends to rest for a while. Of course, keep in mind that this is a very short period of time so that there is no fraud and lawlessness in this game. All of these are controlled by the game dealer.


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What is the meaning of checkpoint in poker terms?

Another important term in poker is checkpoint. The term checkpoint is very important and every player should use it at least once in the game. The conditions of the game of poker are such that the amount of betting changes every time. This term is very appropriate for new players and those who are not brave because there is a lot of politics in this word. By saying this word, the player shows that according to his thoughts and ideas, he can change the amount of his bet as much. This is especially true for those who have not had a good chance.

Learn the terms of the game of poker

Dear users, if you want to get poker’s training, we have to say that you have different ways. The first way to access these tutorials is to contact the support team. If you could not get good training through the support team, we suggest that you subscribe to the Telegram channel of the site where you operate, because this channel provides all the training related to the game of poker and its terms.

Since the terms of the game of poker are a bit difficult, we suggest that you use video clips to teach it, because this kind of video memory will help you to learn better. In this case, you can download training clips from the Tiny Idol channel.


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The most practical poker game terms

Poker game is one of the most popular games in which you must know the most practical poker terms to succeed. Of all the poker terms, only a few are practical; So that even the most professional poker players do not use all this information and only the most practical ones are trained. There are many poker words and here are two of the most important ones. The meaning of poker terms is very important, so try to teach them well.

Dealer in Poker

In poker, the dealer is the person who manages the table and plays the cards while playing. He is also responsible for shuffling the cards and choosing the winner. Most importantly, he oversees the players to make sure they follow the rules correctly.

Flap in poker

The term flop is used in poker when the user draws three community cards. This is usually done in the early stages of the game.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most important poker terms?

Dealer in poker and flop in poker are the best terms in this game that everyone should be aware of.

When is one of the poker’s terms used, which is rast, used?

Uses the term when the user needs to rest.

Among poker terms, why is Jackpot more important?

Because with this term, a person can change his hand and it is a kind of policy in the game and it is useful for those who do not have a good hand.

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