Live poker, online poker + disadvantages and advantages of each

Live poker; Poker is one of the oldest casino games that has many fans around the world. Many tournaments are held every year in different countries for this exciting game. Bet on this game. But with easy access to the Internet and online casinos around the world, people can easily play poker at home or anywhere after registering on betting sites. . For this reason, the player will pocket a lot of good money by defeating his rivals. This makes the game very attractive and popular. To be successful in poker, you must be familiar with the types, rules and strategies of this game accurately and completely. Poker is played on online betting sites like online poker and live poker. In this article, we want to provide you with more information about live poker and the differences with online poker. The titles of this article are:

1- Comparison of online poker and live poker

live poker

Almost all betting sites around the world have online casino sections. However, the number of reputable betting sites that provide live casino or live casino to their site facilities for users to use is not large. Live casino games are played live. For example, the game of poker is one of those games that are offered both as online poker and as live poker on reputable betting sites. In the online casino version, the game of poker is played in a computer and virtual environment.

But in live poker, the game is played live and by real dealers, who are generally beautiful ladies. The principles and rules of playing poker in the online and live sections are quite similar. But the process of playing the game and the experience gained in Live Poker Casino is completely different from online poker. In this section, we will compare online poker and live poker.


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Speed ​​of play

One of the most important differences between live and online poker is the speed of the two games. The speed of playing poker online is much faster than live poker. The process of playing poker live is slow. Card transfer in online poker is very fast. The slowness of the game reduces its fun and appeal. That’s why the charm and excitement of live poker is not as great as online poker. The faster the poker game, the better and more enjoyable the user experience will be.

Accessibility and convenience of the game

Experience shows that playing online poker is much easier than live poker. Users can easily play online poker at high speed at home or anywhere. Online opponents do not see you, so it is possible to play online poker under any circumstances and in any situation you like.

Ability to play around the clock

Play poker online is available 24 hours a day. But the game of live poker is not available at all hours and its conditions and facilities must be provided. The online casino section of betting sites is open at all hours and users can easily bet on online poker. Therefore, the possibility of playing live poker is less than online poker.


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Social interactions

Playing poker online causes loss of social connections. Of course, on most betting sites there is a section for players to chat, but chat does not create the feeling of a real casino. In live poker, players can talk, laugh and joke. Live poker enhances social interactions in a live and live environment.

Number of game selections

The great variety of poker games in the casino section of the sites has made the poker game selection options more in this section. ‌ Among the games, Texas Hold’em and Omaha poker are more popular. Reputable online poker sites offer omaha, omaha Hi / lo, seven card stud, Razz, five card Draw, Mixed Game Formats. In online poker, a maximum of nine to ten to six players and a minimum of two players can compete. Users’ hands are freer to choose to play online poker than live poker.

Understand the hands of opponents

Reading the brains of opponents plays an important role in the success of poker players. In live poker, players can be identified by the way they play, the analysis, the physical behaviors, the body language, and the tone of the players’ speech. There is no such thing in online poker. Not seeing the opponent’s body and playing with a computer opponent does not allow the player to read the opponent’s hand.


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Game analysis

In online poker, all categories of the game can be saved and analyzed after the end of the game. There is no such feature in the live poker section. With the history of online poker game categories, you can analyze the game and find out your mistakes. This will increase the player’s skill.

String Idol

If you do not have experience playing live poker, the word string idol will be unfamiliar to you. When a player does not complete a move, he is called a sting idol. For example, a player enters a small chip to call an opponent. He then adds some to the chips and shreds them. This is against the rules of poker. Because in this time interval between calls, the player will get information from his opponent and watch his reaction. There are no such issues in online poker. To prevent string idols in live poker, you have to say, for example, when spinning and then spin the desired amount.

Understanding the differences between online poker and live poker, it can be concluded that online poker has more advantages than live poker. The speed of the game, the easy access to the game at all hours of the day, the greater variety of online poker, the possibility of analyzing the game by saving the hands all confirm this. For these reasons, online poker is more popular than live poker.


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2- What are the advantages and disadvantages of live poker?

live poker?

One of the advantages of live poker is that the game tables are crowded. The more players in the game, the higher the profit if you win. One of the disadvantages of this game is that the player can not play in many categories. In live poker, if the winner wins, he must pay the casino live as a stick. This amount is sometimes so large that a large percentage of the profit earned is spent and not much money is left for the user. Another important benefit of live poker is reading the hands of opponents.

Can the player look at the opponents’ faces and guess whether their hands are bad or good ?! Based on body language and looking at the opponent’s face, he decides when to do small, call or fold. In general, it is possible to focus more on live casinos. Another disadvantage of live poker is the mental calculation of limits and pots by the player. While in online poker, these calculations are done by the game system.


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3- What are the advantages and disadvantages of online poker?

online poker

The most important advantage of online poker is that players can download and install the site’s dedicated application on their smartphone, at any time of the day and in any place with any situation can enter the betting site and bet in the site’s online casino Click to play online poker. Playing poker online is far easier than playing poker live. Another advantage of online casinos is the low entry fee for betting on poker tables.

Even on the best sites, users can play online poker for very little money. Also, the percentage of steak that you pay to the casino after winning is much lower than the live casino steak and you will get more profit. In an online casino, a player can play poker tables at the same time and earn significant money quickly in a short period of time. Participating in various online poker disciplines allows players to gain the most experience in a short period of time and become a professional poker player.


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4- Is it possible to cheat in live poker game?

In both online casinos and live casinos, casino owners can see the hands of live poker or online poker players. But online casinos do not cheat because users after a few more losses prefer to increase their profit margins, take less risk and avoid participating in the game. This will be to the detriment of the site. For this reason, there is no fraud in online casinos. But in Poker Live there is a possibility of cheating because players are not a regular customer of Casino Live and often participate in this section once.

In this article, we introduced you to live poker and its differences with online poker. We also talked about the advantages and disadvantages of live poker and online poker. From the differences mentioned, it can be concluded that the benefits of online poker are much greater than live poker. But in the end, choosing live or online poker depends on the player’s opinion and taste. No one can be forced to choose one of them. Some users prefer the thrill of playing live poker to the benefits of online poker. We hope you enjoy reading this article.


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