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Live Casino; Online betting sites around the world have recently been equipped with a Live Casino system to attract more users and create a real experience of being in the casino section of the site. The popularity of casino games on betting sites due to the temporary closure of European leagues such as the English Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, etc. due to the outbreak of coronary heart disease is increasing day by day. ایرانی Iranian betting sites have also added live casino to their facilities to imitate foreign sites and to attract more viewers. Iranian betting sites are always competing with each other in attracting more users. Users who want to register and participate in a site’s casino games must first make sure that the site is valid. Usually all sites advertise themselves as the best betting site. But in fact, it is an approved site that its users are completely satisfied and define the facilities and services provided by that site. In this article, we are going to explain about the concept of live casino and how to bet on it. The titles of this article are:

1- What is Casino Live?

Casino Live

As you know, real casinos are places where people who are interested in betting and gambling are physically present and participate in their favorite game. After the spread of the Internet and access to it for all people, betting sites came into play and people no longer had to go to the casino to bet in person and after a long distance. Instead, they gambled by visiting online betting sites. Now let’s see what is Live Casino ?! Live Casino is something between an online casino and a real casino. Live Casino has two physical parts and a virtual part. The physical part is completely real and the virtual part is the part where the user is present virtually. In fact, the physical part of the live casino, with internet equipment and a camera, streams and broadcasts the casino environment live. The user can refer to the Live Casino section of the site to view the table games in the real environment and bet in their favorite game. ‌ Using the bank account and payment gateways, the betting money can be placed in the live casino. ‌ In this section, there are only dealers who are physically and realistically present in the casino and players enter the site by visiting the Internet. To play a good and quality game in Live Casino, you must use a stable and high-speed Internet.

2- What is a Live Dealer?

Live Dealer


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A live dealer or live dealer is a person on behalf of a betting site who spins a casino game in the Live Casino section. In games like Blackjack, the user may be alone with the dealer or card player. But in other games such as poker, other players are present at the game table, but the user does not see them and according to the graphics is informed about the game process of other players. On reputable betting sites, it is possible for the user to pre-check live dealer information. During the game in Casino Live, users can chat with the live dealer, who is usually fluent in English, and communicate with him about the game. Some dealers are also fluent in Persian, Russian, Turkish and Armenian. In general, by playing in Live Casino, you will experience exactly the feeling of a real casino.

3- Benefits of Live Casino

Live Casino

In Live Casino, unlike online casinos, the player can communicate directly with the dealer. There is a section in the Live Casino section of the betting site called the chat box. The player has to type in their professional chatbox and the dealer answers the player’s questions live. Playing in a live casino atmosphere is an interesting experience and introduces users to the atmosphere of a real casino. In a country like Iran, it is not possible to go to a casino, but users with this advantage of live casino can easily experience a real casino through the betting site. Many players who are interested in live casino come to the betting site more for this experience and to understand the feeling of real casinos, and they do not care about financial benefits, winning or losing. By seeing a real dealer and a real place for the casino, the user’s sense of trust is greatly increased. The live dealer will play the cards in front of the users and all the guaranteed conditions will increase.


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4- The most reputable casino betting sites

betting sites

The reputable Iranian betting site has turned to live casino to attract more users so that users have the feeling of playing in a real casino. In fact, Iranian sites have done this by imitating other reputable sites in the world. By entering the live casino via mobile and computer system, instead of playing with a robot, you will face a real human. One of the main reasons for choosing a live casino to play is the presence of a dealer or card player. Most of the selected dealers are from England, Russia, Turkey and Armenia and users can talk to them in English in the chat box section. The seven main games offered in Live Casino with the letters Roulette, Blackjack, Sik Yu, Dragon Tiger, Single, Baccarat and Under Spring are very popular. In the following sections, we will introduce the most reputable betting sites with live casino.

10- Introducing the games presented in Live Casino

 Live Casino


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Game Blackjack

Most Iranian users know Blackjack as Game 21. This game is played using passer cards and has a lot of fans. In Persian Live Casino, it is also possible to bet on Blackjack. Blackjack is played in eight different types.

Play roulette

One of the most attractive games available in Persian Live Casino is roulette. This game is one of the main games in all betting casinos. Users can play roulette in twelve different ways with different methods and costs.

Game Sik Bo

Another exciting game presented in the Live Casino section is Sik Bo game. This game has other letters as well. ‌ These letters are big and small, tia sai, dia siu. This game originally belongs to China and the chance option to win this game is the first letter. In this game, three dice are used. The word Sik Bo means precious.


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Play Baccarat

Another interesting and popular game in Casino Live is Baccarat. Users can play this game in five different types.

Play single poker

As you know, poker game is one of the most attractive and best games available in Persian Live Casino. ‌ In this game, many tables with various entry amounts and in three dimensions are provided to users. Users can easily watch the moment when the dealer is playing the cards live.

Game In the spring

In spring game known as kitta game belongs to India. The spring mentioned in this game has nothing to do with the Persian spring season. In Hindi, spring means left and right. This game also has its own fans.


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Game Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger or Dragon Tiger is another game available in Casino Live. In this game, a comparison is made between the hands of a dragon and a tiger. In Chinese culture, dragons and tigers are always a symbol of endless war and battle, which has no winner. The dragon and tiger are given a card. ‌ The aim of this game is to guess the card that has a higher value. دارد It is possible that the value of the dragon and tiger cards are the same.

11- Casino site application

Casino site

As you know, the addresses of Iranian betting sites are filtered from time to time and users are forced to use a filter breaker to get a new site address. To solve this problem, reputable betting sites have designed an application that can be installed on mobile phones and users can bet at high speed in the Live Casino section without the need for a filter breaker.


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Frequently Asked Questions About Live Casinos

– What games are offered in the Live Casino section of the betting sites?

Casino Live offers seven games including Blackjack, Roulette, Sik Bo, Baccarat, Single Poker, Under Spring and Dragon Tiger.

– What are the most reputable Persian live casino sites?

Our site is one of the most reputable live casino sites.

– What is the difference between online casino and live casino?

In an online casino, the user plays with a virtual competitor, but in a live casino, the dealer plays the cards live in a real casino and the user feels physically present in a real casino.

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