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Due to the proliferation of betting sites and the popularity of people subscribing to these sites, the number of users who are interested in participating in football betting is increasing day by day. It is safe to say that football is the most popular sport in the world, and betting on matches is one of the ways to earn money. To succeed in football prediction, you need to be thoroughly familiar with betting strategies and rules. Users who are familiar with the rules, terms and strategies of football betting have a clear understanding and knowledge of it, and in fact have a more successful performance than beginners and inexperienced people.

In addition to predicting the outcome of a pre-match football match, live betting sites also provide betting sites. This type of prediction is very exciting and is done at the same time as the competition. In live prediction, unlike pre-match prediction, the odds of the game are constantly changing according to the competition trend. Also bet on the number of goals, the number of goals scored, the number of offsides, the number of corners, the number of yellow and red cards, penalties and so on. In this article, we are going to talk specifically about penalty betting.

1- Familiarity with betting on penalties

One of the most risky yet exciting and popular options in football prediction is penalty betting. This type is done in different ways. To correctly predict penalties, users must be sufficiently familiar with all league matches and have the necessary information and knowledge of the characteristics and records of the players and goalkeepers of the teams they are betting on. The Italian Serie A competition holds the record for most penalties taken in a game and the English League has the fewest penalties. Betting on whether or not to score a penalty has a high risk, so the risk is about 25%. In terms of whether or not penalties are scored, the highest percentage of penalties is in the hands of the English Premier League, and in La Liga competitions, the percentage of penalties scored is the lowest.

2- Different types of penalty betting

Bet on the penalty before the game

In this model of penalty betting, users determine before a football match whether the game will have a penalty or not. To make a correct prediction, the user must have a brief knowledge of all the leagues and their teams and perform the necessary checks well.


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Live betting on penalties

penalty betting

This type of betting is done simultaneously with the live broadcast of the football match and the user determines according to the game process whether the penalty will be scored or not. This bet has a high risk and if you win, the user will get a good profit according to the game coefficient.

Betting on late penalties in knockout competitions

In this type of d, consider a few points. The first point is to get the goalkeeping statistics of both teams and the number of penalties taken before this match. Know the female penalty players of both teams well and know how many penalties each of them missed. Try not to bet on a penalty that has nothing to do with teams winning or losing.


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3- Important points in penalty betting

points in penalty betting

It is better for users not to bet on the victory or loss of football teams when the game reaches a draw on penalties. Because the probability of the prediction is correct is very low. Also, they should not bet on important and sensitive games on penalties. Because in important games, a lot of psychological pressure is put on the players and goalkeepers of both teams, and it is not at all predictable whether a goal will be scored or not.

In this article, we will introduce you to one of the most exciting and risky football prediction options, namely penalty betting. Penalty betting is done in three ways. These include pre-match penalty betting, online penalty betting during the match, and end-of-match penalty betting in knockout matches. We hope you find the information you need reading this article.


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