Learn Mini Roulette and win board tricks in full

In this post, we will review the mini roulette game tutorial. Mini roulette is one of the versions of roulette that is often played online, this game is one of the most popular on betting sites because players will have a much better chance of winning. Attractive mini roulette game Mini Roulette is now available on reputable Iranian sites, and for this reason, we will review this game below.

About different types of Roulette Casino Roulette

This is a fairly common model offered by several reputable online betting software manufacturers. As the name implies, this type of roulette is smaller than the traditional model. In fact, this roulette has only thirteen numbers: from 0 to 12. So the same numbers are written on the table. Zero is closer to the wheel and the remaining twelve numbers are according to the 4.3 plan.


Mini roulette is one of the most popular types of casino roulette. Roulette is a classic casino game that has a long history. However, as it turns out, this game has the same many fans, and even today, roulette enthusiasts can bet online on the spin of this spin game.


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How to play conditional mini roulette

In this simple and easy game, you have to predict which house the ball will be in after spinning. In fact, it is enough to first guess in which house the ball will fall, then based on your guess, using the chips to bet the amount you want in the game, now it is enough to press the spin key to get the result after the ball rotates. The game is specified.

A variety of bets in the game of mini roulette

The types of bets that you can make on predicting the outcome of the game by placing chips on the houses and combining different modes and their coefficients are as follows:


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Mini roulette table game

To better understand the types of these bets and their coefficients, I suggest you review the following table:

Red and black bet

Betting is done on red or black: 1.94 x

Even and odd condition

Betting is done on even or odd numbers: 1.94 x


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Bet on two halves

The bet is placed on the lower numbers “1 to 6” or the upper numbers “7 to 12”: 1.94 x

Corner condition

The chip is located in the center of four numbers: 2.91 x

Scissors condition

The chip is placed on the midline of two numbers: 5.82 x


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Direct condition

The chip is placed on a number: 11.64 x

Highlights Game Mini Roulette online

The minimum bet in each round of the game is 500 Tomans and the maximum is 100,000 Tomans. The value of each token or chip in the game is equal to 100 tomans, which means that as a chip it is 10 times the amount of 1000 tomans. This game has a free betting bonus that the player can get free bets as a prize if he is lucky.


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Important note:

Game results are generated completely randomly.

To measure the results you can:

Through the game menu to the section


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Refer to the results history

And various hashes used

Get in the game.

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Different parts of mini roulette game

roulette game

In the “Total Bet” section, the amount of bets made before the start of the game is displayed. Use the “Clear” key to remove all chips from the table and the “Return” key to remove the last chip you placed on the table. The “Pay back” key repeats your last bet and how the chips were placed.

Familiarity with the game menu:

The game menu is on the right

And is located at the top of the game screen

Options for sound adjustment, game animation

Access the history of the games you have played

Access the results check section

And provides you with a game guide.

Is mini roulette fair?

To prove the fairness of the results of the mini roulette game, we must first know how to produce the result in each round of the game. This game uses Cryptographic technology or Provably Fair to create a fair result. The production process The result is a combination of the “Seed” produced by the casino server and the “Seed” produced by the player.

Tip 1:

The side produced by the server and also the player can be seen before the start of each round of the game by referring to the Provability Fair section and then the Next server seed SHA256 section, even the player can change his side manually.

Tip 2:

Finally, after the start of each round of the game, Syed Server and Syed Player combine to form a SH512 hash, which determines the outcome of the game, a process that guarantees 100% fairness of the game results. You can browse the related image for more information.

How to win a mini roulette game?

roulette game

Betting in mini roulette, in addition to simplicity and speed, due to the full support of this game for measuring the fairness of the results, can be a good opportunity for that group of people who bet professionally. A variety of advanced betting and casino strategies are easily implemented in this game, which is a great advantage for those who are interested in using mathematical systems.

Authentic site of conditional mini roulette

If you want to participate in a variety of roulette games and try your luck at winning, you must first register on a safe and reputable site.

Win Tricks Roulette Betting

If you want to get acquainted with the methods of winning roulette on casino sites, you can also refer to the suggested content below to get acquainted with the methods, strategies, and effective tricks of winning in this exciting and money-making game, and on betting sites in addition You can win good prizes for hours of entertainment.


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