Become An Affiliate With Melbet?

To become a MelBet affiliate, you need to register as such. Registration is free and straightforward. Once you have filled in the form, you will need to wait for the approval of your acceptance as an affiliate.

Who is MelBet Affiliate For?

You should become a MelBet Affiliate if you would like to combine your passion for sports betting with earning affiliate commissions. 

In order to be successful as an affiliate for MelBet, you will need to find and attract people that are interested in esports betting and convince them to join the program via your affiliate links.

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Additionally, you would need to be able to “sell” MelBet platform better than other fellow MelBet Affiliates. That means that you need to learn advanced affiliate marketing techniques as well as know the MelBet platform very well.


Official affiliate program Melbet Affiliates is one of the most profitable in the world in terms of earnings on attracting players.  Register Melbet Affiliates 


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