What is a racehorse

Horse racing betting training in Melbet

Horse betting

In this article, we are going to introduce horse racing game and how to do it. As you can see, today, hours of riding and participating in competitions have become one of the people’s interests, and there are many people who follow this lovely sport as a beginner or professional, because this sport is always attractive and exciting. Is accompanied by its own features.

In the continuation of this article, we will acquaint you more with this sport and we will discuss how to do it in some different cities of our country.

Horse betting

What is a racehorse?

Horse racing is one of the most experienced sports in equestrian sports and has been associated with many fans since ancient times and in the past, in order to fight or send messages to different people. Has been.


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Equestrian training

For riding, the first step is to learn how to communicate with the horse, because the rider must be well acquainted with the horse’s mood so that they can communicate well with each other and the horse executes the rider’s commands well. One of the important features of this sport is the alliance that is established between the horse and the rider, and it requires mental and physical strength to be able to control the horse well.

How is horse racing in the table?

Solving the table is one of the mind games that has a lot of fans and also increases the general information of people. You may come across this word in the equestrian table and do not know the answer to the question. It is good to know that the word hours riding in solving the table is also a course.

Live Horse Racing

To watch horse racing competitions live, you can visit the competition field in person and watch the riders compete, or you can watch the competitions of this sport by searching on the Internet, YouTube, and virtual spaces. In addition, live riding competitions are also broadcast live on TV networks and these competitions can be easily watched at home.


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What are the best horse racing environments?
Horse riding is one of the most active and enjoyable sports in the world, which has many benefits. One of the characteristics of equestrian sport is that it strengthens and strengthens the muscles of the body. To enjoy this sport, you should choose the best hours riding environments to have a pleasant experience with this noble animal.

Equestrian competitions in different cities
In the cities of Gonbad Kavous, Aq Qala and Bandar-e-Turkmen, horse racing competitions are held every year, and many people interested in these competitions attend the competition, which unfortunately, due to the spread of the Corona virus, deprived many spectators of this opportunity.


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What is a racehorse

Introducing Iranian horse racing

Horse racing Aq Qala

Horse racing competitions that were held every year in Aq Qala, Golestan province, were closed for a while due to the outbreak of the Corona virus and were held without the presence of spectators. Fifty-nine horses of the Turkmen, Dukhon, and Thoroughbred breeds competed during the competition on Friday, which had to cover six laps and distances of 1,200 meters. In the first round of the race, a rider named Kamal Dalijah Atta, whose horse was Baydaq Kahri, was able to cross the finish line faster than the other riders and take first place in the game.

For this competition and at the end of the sixth week, an amount of about one billion and 188 million and 250 thousand Rials was considered as a cash prize, which was also awarded to the best trainers, owners and riders.


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Goonbad racing

Every year, in spring and winter, hours riding competitions are held in Gonbad Kavous city and at the equestrian complex of this city. Holding these competitions has a lot of fans, especially among the Turkmen tribes, and it is very popular. Unfortunately, due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, these competitions were held in Gonbad Kavous and in the spring, in the seventh hour of the course, hours riding was held in such a way that almost no spectators were present at the venue because it was closed and no spectators were allowed to attend. In November of the same year, the hours riding competitions were held again in accordance with the health protocols, and you can watch the live broadcast of Gonbad Kavous equestrian competitions on the Internet.


Yazd Horse Racing

In Yazd province, autumn equestrian competitions are held every year and the last period of this competition, which was the 23rd round, started with the presence of 70 horses from different provinces in nine rounds. During these competitions, the riders had to cover distances of 2500, 1800 and 1400 meters in Safaieh equestrian complex of Yazd and compete with each other. It was that the best horses were distributed among the owners and agile riders, and with the identification of the best individuals of this period of the national autumn equestrian competitions in Yazd, it ended.


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Tehran Horse Racing

As you know, Tehran is the capital of Iran. In this city, in addition to there are many attractions, it also has many recreational and entertainment complexes that by attending these places, one can create pleasant and pleasant memories for oneself. One of these sports complexes and The sport that has attracted many fans is equestrian clubs, which have no age limit. There are many equestrian clubs in this city that in addition to training, you can enjoy with these strange animals.

Khuzestan Horse Racing

Every year in winter, Khuzestan province hosts horse course competitions, which are held with the participation of participants from all over the country. These competitions, which are held every year at the Ahvaz Power Track, are welcomed by a large number of people interested in this sport and provide the ground for the enthusiasm of the people of the region. The last round of this competition was held with the presence of 80 horses from different provinces in four courses and the identification of the best individuals was completed.

Horse Racing


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Horse racing betting

hours riding is a sport that has a long history in equestrianism and has been practiced for a long time. Agile horse riding is one of the most important forms of horse racing that has always had many fans around the world. Competitions in this sport are held with thoroughbred horses and at different distances. The popularity of this game is so great that now in a new form, most users are betting on horse racing competitions.

Horse racing betting can bring good profits. It is enough to know this sport first and then do not make a mistake in choosing a betting site.

What are the most common distances of these competitions?
These races are usually held at different distances, and the most common of them are 4.5 Forlang, which is equivalent to 905 meters, and half a mile, which is equivalent to 2414 meters.

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For this reason, those who breed racehorses try to train them in a way that is resistant to these distances.

Horse Racing Field

In the city of Tehran, there is a field that has a long history and is famous for horse racing. This square was built during the reign of Fath Ali Shah Qajar and is considered as a tourist attraction.

Horse racing site

Today, with the development of technology and the Internet, horse racing sites have been created that you can easily search by searching the Internet, and in addition to being able to watch the hours of riding competitions and their pictures, you will be able to If you are also a horseman, participate in competitions.

Horse racing site

What are the different styles of this competition in different countries?

For example, in some countries, these competitions are played using obstacles such as embankments or hedges, and in others, the game begins on a uniform or flat ground without obstacles.

The best Iranian rider

Among the best Iranian riders of this competition, we can mention Hamid Rakhshan, Ali Moradnejad and Golnaz Moradifard, who were able to win the first to third places in the 130 km category of this period, respectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to hold equestrian competitions in different countries?
How these competitions are held in different countries is different, for example, in some countries with obstacles and in some countries without obstacles and on flat ground these competitions are held.

How to watch a live horse race?

To watch these matches, in addition to being able to attend the match as a spectator, you can easily follow the live broadcast of these matches by searching the internet or social networks or television.

In which provinces are the autumn horse racing competitions held?
These competitions are held every year in different cities of Aq Qala, Gonbad Kavous and Bandar-e-Turkmen.


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