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Today, playing group games is one of the most important activities and entertainments that have a lot of fans in different groups of friends and family, and makes us busy and entertained for several hours at parties and occasions. Mafia game is definitely one of the popular group games, the name of which must have been heard by you, and most of them have experienced playing it in different situations. Mafia is actually an interesting group game and has its own arguments. Mafia betting has its own world and many people around the world bet on the victory of citizens or mafias. In fact, it simulates a battle between a conscious minority and an unconscious majority. In this game, focusing on the role, maintaining composure and having a strong speaking power is one of the main things that you must work on to have a strong and good performance.


Dmitry Davidov is the creator of the Mafia game. According to Dmitry, the Mafia first played a role in psychology at Moscow State University in the spring of 1986, and has since become very popular. The game quickly gained popularity in Soviet schools and universities. In the 1990s, the game found its way to Europe and then to the United States. Mafia entered Iran in the early 80’s and this game has been recognized and introduced as the top 50 historical and cultural games since 1800. You can play this game with at least 6 people, but keep in mind that the more you have in this game, the more attractive this game will be for you. There are different methods for this game and it allows you to play this game from the simplest possible mode to the most complex model. Due to the different models that exist for this game, we have tried to provide you with a perfect and complete game.

This game, like many group games, has the possibility of betting, and you can also bet by studying and obtaining the correct information from this game. Today, there are many betting sites that offer various types of football games, card games, blast games and casino games. So you have the opportunity to identify the best and most reputable betting sites and start your activity in them.

Description of the Mafia game and its related rules

Description of the Mafia game


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In this game, the minimum number of people who can play is 6. Players are secretly selected. In this game, there are different roles such as Mafia, Citizen, Judge (God), Detective, Doctor, but in the fantasy Mafia, the number of roles is also higher. In this case there is Gad Fader, Rovitten, terrorist, Natasha, priest, negotiator, sniper, butler, thief and traitor citizen. We will briefly explain each of the mentioned maps so that you become more familiar with them.

Referee (God): God is the one who controls the game and manages it during the game and actually supervises the game and the people. God plays completely neutrally and has no role in the game.

Gad Fader: The head of the Mafia team is called Gadfader. His job is to instruct the other Mafia at night who to remove from the game.


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Detective: A detective is a citizen who asks Gad about the Mafia at night when everyone is asleep to identify the Mafia.

Doctor: It is the duty of the doctor or doctor to determine who the Mafia killed at night. If the doctor’s diagnosis is correct, he can keep the person eliminated by the Mafia in the game.

Roviton: A person who does not die if he is killed once in the night, but if he is killed during the day and by popular vote, he should leave the game.


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Terrorist: A member of the Mafia who, if killed by members of the group during the day, can assassinate and kill another player with him.

Natasha: She is part of the Mafia and mutes a citizen every night so that she can not speak for a day.

Priest: A priest can save someone’s life or get him out of bed every night.


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Negotiator: A member of the Mafia team who can consult God at night when everyone is asleep to choose a citizen to join the Mafia, but be aware that detectives, priests and doctors can not join the Mafia.

Sniper: A sniper or sniper at night shoots a suspect at God’s command. He usually has 2 bullets with him. Note that the sniper rifle has no effect on the patient or the doctor. But if one night the Mafia and the sniper both aim and kill the same person and the doctor saves the exact same person, the person will be killed and will not be saved.

Butler: Whoever chooses a butler in the night phase, that person can not play his role and it is said that the person is drunk.


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Thief: The thief in the night phase can choose 2 people. If the first person is an ordinary citizen or a simple mafia or a terrorist, nothing special will happen, but the second person can be a fixed person every night. If the first person is Roviton, his Rovitnat will be transferred to the thief, and in fact the thief will be Roviton that night, that is, he will not die once killed.

Traitor Citizen: He is considered a citizen but betrays his own team members and starts working with the Mafia team.

The mentioned cases are all members of the Mafia group game team, each of which can play a key and important role, and in fact, whichever one is not, the team is imperfect, and the game continues professionally and very well with the completeness of the team.


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If we want to fully explain the process of Mafia game to you, you should know that people in this exciting team game are divided into two groups, Mafia and Citizen. The selection between individuals is done by lottery. In this way, different maps are written on a number of players and these maps are randomly distributed among the people. No one has the right to disclose their role to other players during the game. For example, if 10 people are present in the Mafia game. The number of mafias should be almost half the number of citizens. The 3 members of the citizens are the detective, the priest and the doctor, and the next 4 players are ordinary citizens, and the other 3 players are selected as the Mafia.

Mafia online

In this game, there are two phases, day and night, in which all the players close their eyes during the night phase, and then God announces that the Mafia will wake up. Godfather, Natasha and the other Mafia open their eyes and identify their teammates well. Again God commands them to sleep, and this time he wakes the priest, the detective, and the doctor to identify them. The first night ends with just identifying people and getting to know each other. On the first day, everyone speaks for themselves, and in fact you have to be careful to analyze the professions of other members so that you can guess the plans, but it will certainly be difficult to reach a conclusive conclusion and reasoning at this stage.

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The doctor on the team can heal and ask the Mafia about the maps. At night, when he asks God who the Mafia is, he gestures without people noticing. If he asks Godfather, God may not tell him the truth. The game continues day and night in this way until all the mafias are destroyed or the number of mafias equals the number of citizens.

Mafia game betting

game betting

If you are completely familiar with the Mafia game and in the end you are interested in playing this group game, you can play this game in addition to appearing on betting sites and enjoy it. Of course, if you play this game in person, it is still possible to bet, but today, many betting sites in the field of betting on various games, one of which is the Mafia, are active and have become very popular. One of the Iranian sites suitable for betting the Mafia game is Tini Bat, which is one of the most trusted Iranian betting sites. You should know about Mafia game as many other sites for betting to customers as other games such as football or card games, and in fact, only a few sites have been able to make this game and its betting available to the audience. The Tiny Bet site that we introduced to you is one of the successful domestic sites that has been able to present this game to the audience in its standard format. So if you are very interested in the Mafia game and would like to bet in this game as well, it is good to get acquainted with different sites before that and then start your game and betting.

The last word

Currently, due to the great popularity of this game, many different sites sell this game online. With the increasing popularity of this game and its popularity among family groups and friends, it has caused many people to buy this game, and in most communities, it exists as a fixed game and betting is also done. Of course, now various applications and online sites have entered the market and the virtual world, which allows us to easily download them and install them on our phone so that we can enjoy the game and easily bet on this game.


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