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Football betting training / Zero to one hundred forecast guides

Football betting training

Football betting and sports betting are now one of the most popular pastimes in the world, with more and more users.

What information will lead to our victory in football betting?

Predicting and betting on football is a lot of fun, and in addition to that fun, you can also make good money. Therefore, if you are interested in this field, it is very important to know the points and learn it.

Here’s what you need to know to get the most out of your betting world.

Specify your budget to get started

The first thing to consider when it comes to betting is to enter with little money because you are still a beginner and will lose a lot if you lose, so try to bet a small amount of money.


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Enter the betting site

Number of games on the betting tab
It is better to bet on only one team in sports betting, especially football betting, because a high number of predictions in football makes you less likely to win.

betting site

Identify and explore football prediction options:

Note that when you enter a bet in a game, you will see different odds in it, and the high number of odds in the prediction and not knowing the desired betting options will eventually lead to the loss of your money and losses.


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One of the common mistakes of beginners who have just started this type of game is that they are greedy and bet on high odds, while this temptation and betting on these odds is much less likely to be won. Will play.

Have your own strategy in the game:

Try to have a strategy for predicting football. Having a strategy over time will bring you closer to your goal.

Try to check the teams, consider their winning and losing trends, identify the players of the target team, and finally define how you bet and make predictions from the beginning to have a successful bet on football predictions. .


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Betting rules:

Knowing the rules in each game will help you a lot, be sure to try to get the necessary knowledge in this category of games then do the game. In this section, we will explain the terms of football prediction in order and priority:

Over and under or more or less flowers:

Over = higher goal means 2.5 goals, which means that 3 goals and more must be scored.

Above 2 goals means that 2 goals and more are scored, provided that if 2 goals are scored, the amount will be refunded (termination of the bet). And if 3 goals or more are scored, you will win.


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Under or under less goals means less than 2.5, which means that two goals and less must be scored. Less than 2 goals also means that 2 goals and less are scored, provided that if 2 goals are scored, the amount will be refunded.

Over and under

Both teams to score (BTS)

This in the game means that you bet on the goals of both teams.


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Double chance or 1x – 2x
It means a win or a draw for a team. That is, if that team wins or draws, you win. In this case, there is a win-win mode, which if one of the two teams wins and the game is not a draw, you win.


In this section and in the continuation of football prediction training, we will deal with the most important and detailed section, namely handicap.

In short, a handicap means an advance on the number of goals scored against the opposing team (negative handicap) or an advance from the opposing team (positive handicap).


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HT –FT means first half result – second half result (Half Time / Full Time)

In this type of bet you have to try to predict the result of the win, loss or draw in the first half and the result of the whole game.

Example 1: Host Win / Host Win
That means the first half and the whole game will be won by the host

Example 2: Guest win / draw
That means the guest wins in the first half. And the final result of the game is equal

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Couples and Individuals Even / Odd

That is, the number of goals in the game is even or odd.

For example, if the game ends 1-1, the pair is even.

Or if the game becomes 2-1, the odd becomes odd.

Some terms in the world of betting

Draw no bet = Draw no bet
dnb = equal to termination
Handicap zero = means that if a team draws, your money will be returned and if it wins you will win and if it loses you will lose.
Last goal = The team that scores the last goal
First goal = The team that scores the first goal
Half / half = The result of the first half and the second half completely separately
Goal In Both Halves = To score in both halves
Correct Score = CS = Predict the exact result of the game
Race To = Achieve a certain number of goals or special points specified in the options
Own Goal = Own Goal = The players of a team mistakenly score their own goal
Come From Behind And Win = comeback = a team falls behind but eventually wins the game
Sending Off = Whether the game has a red card or not.


Football Betting Tips to Keep in Mind

Examine and analyze football teams
One of the best things you can do to predict new games and be more successful in the process is to watch old team game videos and make the best bet with the information you get from those games.

Set aside bets on your favorite team
It is better to bet less on your favorite team because you choose the team to win the game and your main goal is not to win your favorite team.

On the other hand, considering that your chosen team was based on interest, you do not consider many points and you may not even notice because it is your favorite team!

This process will eventually cause your team to lose in different games and you will bet on that team out of prejudice and lose your money easily.

Be patient and seek guidance from others who are better than you
The best way to do this is to seek guidance from people who have more experience. Predicting football may seem like a simple task at first glance, but it is not, and if it were easy, everyone would do it.

Try to get advice from your more experienced friends and acquaintances and be patient when predicting and teaching.

Note that in many sports games the results may have the opposite of what they have had over a period of time, and a team that has lost over a period of time may suddenly have a downward trend and lose in a row.

This reminds you again to manage your capital in sports betting and try not to make heavy bets.

Football Betting Tips

Follow the key points mentioned

In this section, we will give you an ideal example in betting on sports teams to have a better view of the above points.

Imagine betting on a team to win by accurately predicting the number of goals to be 2-0, in which case you will only win if your team wins 2-0.

Of course, it is true that this type of betting and prediction has very high coefficients, but keep in mind that it reduces the probability of your win.

Now you assume that you bet on the win of your desired team with any result, in this case your winning percentage will be much higher than the previous prediction.

Do not dream of getting rich overnight

All that has been said before will lead to the key point, which is to give up the dream of getting rich overnight in football betting. You can not become a millionaire’s rich overnight by predicting football. Try to achieve everything with patience and seeing training and making small and precise bets with the right analysis over time and attract capital. Note that many different people lose all their capital with this dream. have given.


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