Bitcoin betting and Best payment methods

Bitcoin betting has received a lot of attention, especially in recent months. In this article, we are going to examine the reason why people are accepting BitCoin betting. To answer this question correctly, it is necessary to first give a general explanation about it. In the following, we will also describe the features of betting with BitCoin. We will teach you how to prepare bitcoins and top up your account. At the end of the article we will answer users’ questions about betting with BitCoin.

Is it possible to bet with Bitcoin?

Is it possible to bet with Bitcoin? Yes, but we have to clear up some doubts about this question first. Betting with BitCoin is possible but is subject to certain conditions. This type of betting has many advantages and perhaps one of the main reasons why users like betting with BitCoin is the same advantages. You can only use this option on reputable betting sites. To understand this, we will discuss this further.

Why is bitcoin betting only offered on reputable betting sites?

Why is bitcoin betting only offered on reputable betting sites? In answer to this question, it should be said that perhaps this is one of the disadvantages that can be taken from betting with BitCoin. Of course, this issue is also a privilege for users. Finally, we can not say that users are dissatisfied with betting with BitCoin, even though this option is only offered on reputable betting sites such as TinyBat.


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It should be said that the reason why this option is offered only on reputable betting sites is that, for betting with BitCoin, a lot of infrastructure must be considered. On a small scale that is user-friendly, keeping and using bitcoins seems easy. But on the betting site, you need a professional team and a strong infrastructure to hold bitcoins and handle large volumes of exchanges. To provide such a site site has to pay a lot of money. For this reason, betting on digital currencies, especially BitCoin, is only offered on reputable betting sites.

Bitcoin Betting Challenges

There are challenges in betting with Bitcoin. Of course, with the right training, these challenges can be easily solved. Unfortunately, there is no training on digital currencies and its storage in the country. That’s why not many people work with this popular digital currency. In this article we will give you a complete tutorial on using BitCoin for betting.


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Bitcoin Betting

How to bet with Bitcoin?

How to bet with BitCoin? Here are some steps you can take to begin the process of preparation for mediation. Of course, do these steps only once. Once you have completed the initial steps of betting with BitCoin, you will no longer need to repeat some of it. For a better tutorial, we will first tell you in a table what steps you need to take to bet with BitCoin digital currency. We will then discuss the steps in more detail.

Table of steps required for betting with BitCoin and digital currencies

Walt: The first step in betting with Bitcoin is to have a place to store your digital currency.
Exchange: You need an exchange to transfer and convert primary currency.
Currency exchange At this stage, your currency conversions are done.
Registration: You must register on a reputable betting site that supports BitCoin betting.
Account Recharge: The last step in betting with Bitcoin is to top up your account.


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Wallet BitCoin

Creating a BitCoin Wallet is the first step that must be done to bet with Bitcoin. You must first select and install a valid digital wallet for yourself. You are recommended to use reputable applications that are the best in terms of security and services. We recommend storing BitCoin Coinomi and TrustWallet wallets.

Wallet BitCoin


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Download TrustWallet app for bitcoin betting

This application is only available on the Android platform, so if you have an iPhone, use the next option. The Walt Trust app is available on Google Play. Download this application from it. Installing TrustWallet App on Android is very easy.

Trust Wallet

Download Application Coinomi for betting with BitCoin

About phone owners, we recommend the Coinomi iPhone application. This application has a very high level of security and user interface, and it is easy to do with it. This application is available in the App Store of iPhones and in the Google Play Android platform. To download this App, refer to your mobile operating system and download one.


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Build wallets for bitcoin betting

You do not need to have any specific information to create a wallet for betting with Bitcoin, but it is the wallet that provides you with the information. After opening the wallet, you will be asked if you want to create a new wallet. Click Yes. At this point, Walt gives you 25 unrelated words in English. Write these words down on paper. With these 25 words in each phone, you can open your wallet. Be careful not to share these 25 words with anyone. Your wallet will be entered into your wallet by tapping the next option.

Download App

Steps to buy bitcoins for betting

Having a wallet requires you to go through the rest of the bitcoin buying process for betting. Go to an online exchange such as Bainance or Iranian Card Exchange or an exchange in the city and ask for the amount needed to buy Bitcoin. Tetra Exchange will make it available to you for the amount of money you have. At this stage, you have two options to receive tetra from the exchange or ask them to receive bitcoins. Go to your wallet and click on Recive. A hashed number is provided to you in the form of a long code, which is digital information or the same as your wallet account number. Provide this number to the exchange office. To deposit bitcoins in your wallet.


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bitcoins betting

Register on a reputable betting site that supports Bitcoin

The next step is to register on a reputable betting site that supports Bitcoin. To do this, be sure to choose a very popular and secure betting site. Of course, there are not many betting sites that make this option available because, as mentioned, to provide such services, the site must have strong financial support and a professional team. Here are two reputable betting sites that have done well in implementing this theme.

Recharge your account with BitCoin

To charge an account with BitCoin, you need to log in after selecting the site and registering on the site. Refer to the recharge section of your account on the site. In this section, you will see two options. Click on this option to top up with a bank account and top up your account with Bitcoin. After selecting this option, you will enter a new page. You will see an account number on this page. Copy it. Go to Walt on your mobile phone and find the Send option. In the Send section, there is a space for entering the account number and a space for the transfer amount. Fill them in and select them from the Transfer Method menu in Trc20. Click Send to successfully charge your account. From now on, you can bet all the games on the betting site, such as explosions and football predictions, and casino games with Bitcoin.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Bitcoin betting is possible in which games of betting sites?

You can bet with Bitcoin on explosions, casino games and football predictions.

Which sites make BitCoin betting available?

This option is offered on reputable betting sites. The link to enter the most popular betting site that provides this option to users is available in the article.

Which wallet is recommended to hold BitCoin for betting?

The two most popular wallets are TrustWallet and Coinomi. These two wallets are very suitable for holding Bitcoin for betting.


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