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Betting training on flower picker on Melbet

One of the most exciting and attractive betting options in the sports betting section of reputable sites, which attracts more users, is betting on Bettin On Goal Scorers. In the prediction section of some betting sites, the options in the section called Player Stats mean the statistics or details of the players. When you enter this section, you will see a coefficient next to each player’s name. When a betting site considers a player more likely to score than other players, it considers that player’s odds less. The goal-scoring option is available in sports such as football, water polo, handball, hockey, and the winner is determined by the number of goals scored. Follow us until the end of this article to learn how to bet on a flower picker…

To bet on the goal scorer, there are several different options such as the first goal scorer, the last goal scorer, the first half goal scorer, the second half goal scorer and.. Follow us until the end of this article to learn more about the goal-scoring betting process. The titles of this article are: Types of betting on the goal scorer, Important points in betting on the goal scorer, Betting on the first and last goal scorer of the game, Betting on the two goal scorer in the game, Betting on the player scoring three consecutive goals or Hattrick and does betting on a goal scorer at any time of the game include penalties and overtime?

1- Types of bets on flower pickers

The first type of bet on the goal scorer, in the sports nose section of betting sites, is that if at any time in the match the player chosen by the user as the goal scorer scores, he will win the bet. This type of bet is very popular. In this bet, it does not matter if the goal scored is the fewest goals in the game, the player must only score one goal in ninety minutes. The next type of bet is that the player chosen by the user must score the first goal of the game. For example, a player like Robert Lewandowski is a good choice to bet on the first goal scorer because he is an active goal scorer and scores the first goal in most matches. Scoring the first goal for your team during a match is another type of betting.



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In fact, it does not matter how many goals the opposing team has scored, the first goal for the home team must be scored by the selected player in order for you to win the bet. Betting the last goal of the game is one of the other options that is a little more difficult than predicting the first goal of the game.

2- Important points in betting on the goal scorer

goal scorer

To increase your chances of success in betting on the goal scorer, it is better to choose the goal scorer option in every minute of the game. Because choosing the first goal scorer of the game or the first goal scorer of the team is more risky and the prediction is less likely to be correct.


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It is very important to check the statistics and conditions of the goal scorer player in the previous weeks on betting on the goal scorer. For example, according to surveys, goal scorers such as Lionel Messi usually score goals in Barcelona’s home matches at the Camp Nou, but are less likely to score in away matches. Or, for example, Cristiano Ronaldo always scores a lot of goals in the Champions League.

To succeed in betting on a goal scorer, it is not enough to know the statistics of the goal-scoring player’s previous games, but you must also check the readiness of the player in question. Or not. Injuries, absences and illnesses و affect your betting.

In addition to checking the readiness of the goal scorer, you should also check the status of his team. However, football and any other sport is a team competition and the performance of the coach and all the players affects the whole game. A player who has always scored a goal will not get a chance to score if his teammates play poorly.


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Betting on a goal scorer is usually suitable for matches where one team is stronger than the other and the user is almost certain that the strong team will win. For example, it is obvious that the Bayern Munich football team, if they score a goal, will not sit back until the end of the match and will be constantly attacking the opponent’s goal. Therefore, his chances of scoring goals are high.

3- Betting on the first and last goal scorer of the game

scorer of the game

Betting on Player To Score First / Last Goal or (Player To Score First / Last Goal) is one of the options available in the Statistics and Details section of players on betting sites. The coefficient of players selected to score in this option is higher than other modes because it is done in only one half of the football game and in 45 minutes, and if the winner of this type of betting, the user will earn more money. Brought. The key to success in this prediction is to pay attention to how both teams play in the first and second half of the game. For example, the Chelsea football team will undoubtedly play an attacking game against Norwich. So the Chelsea strikers are more likely to score.


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4- Betting on the scorer of two goals in the game

The player who can score two goals in a football match is called a brace or a double. ‌ You need some chance to bet on a double player and it has a high risk. Because the player you bet on may not be able to score two goals in that game. ‌ But there are many users who bet on this option because of the excitement and attractiveness.

5- Betting on the player who scores three consecutive goals or a hat-trick


The hat trick is very similar to a double or a brace, except that the player in the hat trick must score three times in a row in a football match. Betting on this option is very risky and the possibility of accurate predictions is very low. Therefore, we suggest that you do not bet on this option.


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6- Does betting on a goal scorer at any time of the game include penalties and overtime?

In answer to this question, we must say that the goals that a player scores through a penalty are not part of the bet on the goal scorer. Scoring in extra time, like scoring from the penalty spot, does not involve betting. Another question that may arise for some users is what happens if no goal is assumed in a football match but the user has bet on the first goal scorer of the game, for example? In such cases, the user’s bet is rejected and his bet amount is returned to his account.

In this article, we explained how to bet on the goal scorer in betting sites and its different types. We also mentioned the points that help users succeed in choosing a goal scorer. We hope that reading this article has raised your awareness, dear ones.


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