Benefits of Amazon Affiliate System

Amazon sales cooperation; Learn how to work with Amazon Affiliate

Benefits of Amazon Affiliate System

With the spread of sales through online stores such as the Amazon department store, some people thought of “Amazon Affiliate”. Working with such a popular site is one of the biggest steps anyone can take to succeed in online shopping.

If you are one of the affiliate marketers or a simple salesperson who earns money through Instagram or other social networks, we suggest you read this article carefully from beginning to end and write down the important points for yourself.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

The first step in this way is to get acquainted with the main trick of the subject of affiliation. Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing in which a salesperson or someone outside of this field introduces, describes and promotes a product on their blog or site. This will increase product sales. The important point in affiliate marketing is that the methods and tools used in this field are changing day by day. Therefore; You need to update your information to be successful. For example, you need to be familiar with the latest 2021 affiliate marketing topics to be able to attract customers and increase sales with the help of the latest tricks.

One of the most important things that any salesperson should know and apply is the tricks that can be used to increase their earnings from buying and selling. Among these tricks are some tips that are related to making money online. These sales collaboration tricks help you to collaborate on the Internet with the help of large sites.


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Amazon is one of the best

Due to the widespread popularity of online shopping, large companies and sites were created and started operating in this field. One of the most famous and best sales cooperation sites in the world is Amazon.

There are few people in the world who have not heard the name of this unique site. Amazon’s consistent success and high revenue on this site attracted the attention of other vendors. So far, so many users have been “collaborating on Amazon sales.”

In 2020, more than $ 386 billion was bought by people on Amazon. In fact, Amazon accounts for 45% of the total online sales in the United States. This statistic is a remarkable figure and shows the popularity of Amazon.


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Collaborate on Amazon sales

Collaborating on Amazon sales is just like any other affiliate marketing campaign. To do this, you need a page or a website with good traffic, the high traffic of your website is very important. Because it will determine your income.

Amazon Sales Collaboration System is such that affiliates attract their audience and users to click and enter the Amazon site by creating affiliate links and introducing and describing Amazon products. Amazon pays a commission for every click of a purchase that a customer makes from an affiliate site to Amazon, and they can make money without capital.

Important points about the right to commission cooperation in Amazon sales

Amazon Sales Co-operation Commission


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Paying commission for Amazon co-selling has terms and conditions that anyone who wants to make money from Amazon must follow.

The law of 24 hours

First of all, you should know that in the sale of Amazon, the commission will be included only if the incoming user buys from Amazon with your link within 24 hours. But if the user enters the Amazon site through your page, but does not buy, and then enters the Amazon site and buys through another link or directly from the browser, you will not receive a commission.

In addition, you should know that every time a user enters the Amazon site through your link, your 24-hour extension is renewed.


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Commission of all products

One of the most interesting benefits of affiliate marketing on Amazon is that if you advertise an Amazon product on your page and a customer enters the Amazon site with your link and makes a purchase, not only will you be paid a commission on the linked product. You will also receive a commission on any other product you buy from Amazon.

Commission payment time

Since Amazon is a very popular site and millions of people are working with it, there will be no scams. Therefore; You can work with Amazon sales with confidence and be sure that your commission will be paid to you within 24 hours after the customer’s purchase.

Percentage of commission paid

How to pay a commission on Amazon is such that the percentage you receive from a customer’s purchase varies in different product categories. Here are the categories and commission percentages:


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  • Amazon Gift Cards, Wine :0.00%
  • Video Games, Video Games Consoles :1.00%
  • Televisions: 2.00%
  • PC, PC Components, DVD, Blue-Ray:2.50%
  • Toys: 3.00%
  • Physical Books, Health & Personal care, Sports, Kitchen, Automotive, Baby Products :4.50%
  • Digital Music, Grocery, Physical Music, Hand made, Digital Videos :5.00%
  • Outdoors, Tools:5.50%
  • Headphones, Beuty, Musical Instruments, Business & Industrial Suppllies: 6.00%
  • Appared, Amazon Element SmartTV (with FireTV), Amazon FireTV Devices, Jewelry, Luggage & Shoes, Handbages, Accessories, watches: 7.00%
  • Amzon Echo Devices, Amazon Fire Tablet Devices, Dash Buttons, Amazon Kindle Devices, Furniturs, Home, Home Improvement, Lawn & Garden, Pets Products, Pantry :8.00%
  • Amazon Fashion women, Men & Kids Private lable, Digital Video Games, Luxury Beuty, Amazon Coins :10.00%

And any other product that falls into other categories will include a 4% commission.

How to become an Amazon affiliate marketer?

In order to be successful in selling Amazon, you must first go through the steps to get started.

Design and build a site or page

The first step to earning money from Amazon through affiliate marketing is to design and build a website, blog, or a YouTube channel or even an Instagram page. The important thing is to put content on your page beforehand and try to make your page attractive to users when they visit.


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In addition, you must specify the purpose of your site, channel or page. This will give you an overview of how the process is going, the audience you are targeting and the traffic you are going to generate.


The second step in collaborating to sell Amazon is to register and create an account. If you want to start working with Amazon, you have to go to the main page of the Associate account and create an account for yourself.

To do this, you need to click on the phrase registration on the main page. Then by entering the information you are asked to create, a user page will be created for you and you will be asked to enter it.

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Enter information

In the next step, you must enter additional information such as the recipient’s phone number, name, address and در in your account. You will then be taken to a page with a list of websites and apps that you can choose from to advertise. You can select 50 items.

Enter ID

In addition you must select an ID for your store. This ID is actually the name of your site.

Explanation of planning

In the next step, you should explain how to earn money, how many visits to the site per month, how to create a link, and so on.

Choose your payment method

In the next step of the Amazon sales cooperation process, you need to choose your payment type. In this step, you will actually pave the way for the commission you earn from the sale by entering your credit card information and tax ID.

Of course, you can enter this information later in editing your account profile. That is, it is possible to change and edit it.

Log in to your personal dashboard

After completing these steps, you will be linked to your main dashboard. In this section, you can access information such as overview of revenue, summary of monthly activity and total clicks that led to the transfer of customers from your site to Amazon.

In addition to reading this article, we suggest that you read the articles “What is sales collaboration” and “How to make millions by participating in sales” so that you can be on the growing path of earning money through affiliate marketing.

Steps to create an Amazon affiliate marketing link

Steps to create an Amazon affiliate marketing link

As you may have noticed by now, one of the most important steps in working together to sell Amazon is to create affiliate links to your Amazon site. These links are actually the links that the customer uses to go to the Amazon site and make their purchase. Therefore; You need to learn how to create these links.

first stage

The first step is to log in to the account you have already created on the Amazon Associate site. This will allow the link you create to be relevant to the product you are promoting.

second stage

There is an option on your page called Product Linking, which by clicking on this option and in the next step, selecting the Product Links option, you will enter the page where you are going to create your links.

third level

At this point you must enter the ASIN of your desired product ASIN is actually a 10-digit product identification code on Amazon. In order to be able to link exactly one product to your site, you need to find this code in the product information section of Amazon’s site and enter it in the Product Links section. If you can not find the ASIN code for a product, Amazon will allow you to search for it in the product catalog.

The fourth step

After completing the steps provided above, you must click on the Go option. Finally, the final information is displayed at the bottom of the screen. We recommend that you check this information to make sure you link to the correct product.

Step Five

Once you have checked the product information and made sure that all the steps have been completed correctly, you should now click on the Get Link option. This will save the link you want in your clipboard and you can use it in your site ads.

Seventh step

Now with the link you have, you can start selling Amazon according to the standards set by Amazon.

The second method

In addition to the method mentioned about getting links to cooperate in Amazon sales, there is a shorter way that you can use to create your link faster.

In this way, you can log in to the Amazon Affiliate panel and create your link with the help of the SiteStripe bar that is displayed on the product pages.

All you have to do is click on the Text button in the Get Link selector. You can then copy and use the link provided.

Benefits of Amazon Affiliate System

Benefits of Amazon Affiliate System

The Amazon Affiliate system has many unique benefits and features that set it apart from other sales affiliate systems. Here are some of the most important benefits of Amazon Affiliate Marketing.

Amazon; Reputable and reliable brand

Amazon is a big brand that is very popular all over the world. In addition to online sales, their affiliate marketing program is one of the largest and most famous affiliate marketing programs in the world.

Product diversity and high commitment have made Amazon a reputable and popular name in the world of e-commerce. To become a successful sales partner, you also need to gain the trust of others, and with Amazon you can achieve this goal more easily.

Extensive variety of products

The sheer volume of Amazon Marketplace is a positive point to start working with. Amazon is home to countless products, and you, as Amazon’s sales partner, have access to all the products they sell.

This way you can produce content on your blog (or any other advertising channel you have) about a variety of products.

It goes without saying that Amazon currently has a very large and strong customer base. Advertising focused on a specific group of customers (niche marketing) can get you what you want: more revenue and profit.

Great support

It’s good to know that Amazon is more eager to increase your sales than you are. In fact, they need more sales to manage their investment and pay the commission of tens of thousands of sales associates.

So when you direct customers to Amazon, Amazon helps them finalize their purchases. If your customers do not buy something and leave the cart, Amazon will send them a reminder email to come back and finish their shopping.

Also, after completing a purchase, Amazon sometimes offers related products to customers to make more purchases.

Safe and reliable

Amazon is safe and secure for both buyers and sales partners. Reliability is one of the best features of Amazon that everyone loves because of it.

When you shop from Amazon as a customer, they guarantee your privacy and keep all information safe. On the other hand, as an Amazon sales partner, you need to make sure your revenue is safe there.

There are thousands of affiliate marketing systems around the world, and many of them do not pay well for their sales associates. But with the power and trust that Amazon has built, you will never have to worry about paying your commission.

Covers a wide range of product categories

No matter what your blog (or any other advertising channel) is based on and what content you produce, you will find relevant advertising products on Amazon anyway. Drones, toys, shoes, pants, music, books, dishes, headphones and everything else you can think of can be found on Amazon.

As the most dynamic e-commerce store in the world, Amazon maintains the products it sells and eliminates the ones that do not sell. They are constantly updating their store with popular products, so that you, as a sales partner, have the opportunity for a great hot sale.

Tip: If you are just starting out in Amazon sales, go to Amazon to find a specific area and check out product categories to find out which area is most appealing to you.

Collaborate with a powerful platform

This may not be the case with other affiliate marketing companies, but when you sell an Amazon product, you can be sure that you will sell. Some of your audience is already familiar with Amazon, and when you recommend buying a product from Amazon with your credit, they buy it.

Keep in mind that Amazon, as a giant retailer, does not offer products that are not in demand. Your job as an Amazon sales partner is to find a specific audience that can be a potential customer for a particular product category and to promote and produce content for them.

Some Amazon sales cooperation standards

Now that you’ve stepped in to sell Amazon, you are required to abide by Amazon standards and regulations. Amazon rules that the use of affiliate links is prohibited in offline advertising, e-mail, and e-books and PDFs. Therefore; You need to focus on producing compelling content to engage your audience with a variety of sales collaborations such as sales collaboration through a blog, website or YouTube channel.

Additional information about your account

One thing you need to know about Amazon sales collaboration is that it takes 180 days to verify your account, and in these 180 days, you must make a purchase using your link, otherwise your account will be The Amazon side will be closed. That’s why you have to use different strategies to be successful and earn money in this field.


With all that said, different people can start earning sales with big sites like Amazon and make money by knowing what digital marketing is and what ways to go about it.

Amazon offers many ways for volunteers to earn money. One of these methods is affiliate marketing or Amazon sales collaboration, which we discussed the steps and how to do it. This way with effort and also with the help of a creative mind can be a good source of income.

Frequently Asked Questions section

What is Amazon Sales Partnership?

Collaboration in Amazon sales is a type of cooperation that with the help of site-related links, you can link Amazon products to your website, blog or YouTube channel and advertise these products and receive your commission.

Why choose Amazon for sales cooperation?

Amazon is one of the most well-known sites for selling products online. The site accounted for more than 45% of online sales in the United States last year. That’s the equivalent of $ 386 billion people spend online shopping on Amazon.

Can we just link to a specific product on our website?

The answer to this question is no. You can link about 50 products to your site. In addition, you will not only receive a commission on the product that the customer has purchased with your link; But if the customer enters Amazon through your link and buys other products, you will also receive a sales commission for those products.

Is it possible to close my Amazon Associate account?

Yes, if you create an account and no purchases are made through your links within the 180 days you have time to verify your account, your account will be automatically closed by Amazon.


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