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Please note that you need to confirm your phone number by SMS.

The number of points awarded depends on the stake amount and the number of outcomes included in your bet. Points are calculated based on the following formula: the stake multiplied by the number of outcomes and divided by 3 (three)

Example: You place an accumulator bet consisting of 6 outcomes with a stake of 5085 NGN.

Bonus points = 5085 х 6 / 3 = 10170 points

The minimum stake to get bonus points is 455 NGN/1 USD/1 EUR.


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The Melbet Club loyalty program covers all single, accumulator and system bets, including Live bets.

Refunds at odds of 1.00 are not included.

Bonus points are credited only after the bet has been settled.


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For the purpose of awarding points, the maximum number of outcomes in accumulator and system bets is 6. Bonus points for accumulators and systems containing more than 6 events will be calculated with the multiplier of “6”.

Example: You place an accumulator bet consisting of 7 outcomes with a stake of 5085 NGN.

Bonus points = 5085 х 6 / 3 = 10170 points


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You can check how many bonus points you have and find out about converting your bonus points by going to My account – Melbet Club.

Bonus points can only be converted into the customer’s account currency. When converting into real currency, the number of bonus points is divided by 200 (two hundred), and the resulting amount is credited to the customer’s account.

Example: You have earned 20 000 bonus points


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Real money = 20 000 / 200 = 100 NGN

Bonus points are converted into currency in the same way for all customers; conversion rates cannot be revised or amended upon request.

Once bonus funds have been converted, Melbet Club members may use them in any way they please (withdrawals are permitted).


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This unique offer is available for all Melbet customers from 1 November 2017.

How to register for the Melbet Club loyalty program:

  • log in to “My account”
  • select “Personal profile”
  • click “Join the club” and follow further instructions on the website.

Melbet Club loyalty program is permanently active.


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*The company reserves the right to use customers’ telephone numbers for advertising and/or marketing purposes at its own discretion.

**The company reserves the right to cancel any customer’s membership to the Melbet Club loyalty program without giving a reason, for example, if upon review of a customer’s account the customer is suspected of violating the integrity of the game and using strategies that the company in its sole discretion deems to be abusive.

***The Company reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice, to cancel any customer’s membership, to change the terms of the offer or to cancel the program completely. Any changes and additions to the terms and conditions of the Melbet Club loyalty program will be published on this page and each program member undertakes to check this page regularly for changes and/or additions.

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****Bets that have been sold or refunded are not included in the offer.

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